The Color and Performance of Environmentally Friendly CI Pigment Brown 48 in PlasticsCADRETEC2016 logo

Shigeru Suzuki


The reduction of environmental impact has been recently required for color inorganic pigments. Newly registered CI Pigment Brown 48, which is composed of Iron Aluminum Titanate, is one of the latest hazardous elements free options for coloring plastics to yellow – brown shades. The color range of this pigment now covers the part of Chromium titanate buff rutile (CI Pigment Brown 24), Zinc iron ferrite (CI Pigment Yellow 119), Red iron oxide (CI Pigment Red 101), and Yellow iron oxide (CI pigment yellow 42) with more excellent physical properties, such as heat, chemical resistance, weather stability, magnetic property, and dispersibility.

Biography –  Shigeru Suzuki

2016Speak_SuzukiSHIGERU SUZUKI is the General Manager for the Technical Development Department, Pigment Division for Tokan Material Technology, Osaka, Japan. SHIGERU’s lab works with Functional Inorganic Pigments including Laser Marking Pigments and Environmentally Friendly Pigments.  They also focus on Novel production processes for Complex Inorganic Color Pigments.  SHIGERU graduated from OKAYAMA UNIVERSITY, Okayama, Japan with a Master of Engineering.