The objective of the Society is to promote the scientific and engineering knowledge relating to plastics.

SPE is the largest, most well-known plastics professional society in the world.  We are the professional “home” for nearly 16,000 plastics professionals around the globe. For more than 70 years, we’ve been the “go to” technical information, training, networking, and knowledge-sharing source for plastics professionals who want to advance in their knowledge and their careers.

The Color and Appearance Division of SPE strives to educate, train, inform and to provide professional interaction opportunities to the global community involved in visual performance and aesthetics of plastics.
Our membership consists of mainly technical professionals from plastics producers, colorant and masterbatch producers, and plastics compounders and those working upstream and downstream in the supply chain. These pages serve our members and the community of plastics color specialists around the world.

We engineer the color and appearance of plastics, by attending to
Selection and use of colorants and modifiers.

Measurement and matching of color.

Effects of colorants and additives on product durability and weathering.

Safety in handling, end use, and disposal or recycling.

Product quality and cost.

Equipment and processes to get the job done right.