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We’re proud of our history as an Award-Winning Division with Award Winning Members!

2019 SPE Pinnacle Education Award

2017 SPE Communications Excellence Leader Award

2018 SPE Communications Excellence Leader Award

2017 SPE Pinnacle Gold Award

2018 SPE Pinnacle Gold Award


About the SPE Honored Service Award: SPE Honored Service Awards recognizes special members for their contributions to the Society. According to SPE Bylaws, “To be elected an Honored Service Member, a candidate shall have demonstrated long-term, outstanding service to, and support of, the Society and its objectives; shall be sponsored, in writing, by the Board of Directors of at least one Section or Division.” Only 292 members have been elected to this prestigious status since it was established in 1992. Of that elite group, 16 where sponsored by SPECAD.
Year indicates the ANTEC year where the award was presented.

  • 2023 – Elizabeth Puckerin

    Nominated by the Color and Appearance Division.

    Betty Puckerin began working for Ampacet Corporation in 1990 as a color chemist. During her 33 years with Ampacet, she has held several jobs including Development Chemist and Color Technology Manager. In 2007, she was promoted to Global Manager Color Technology to lead the global color team in developing a global color management system, coordinating global color projects and harmonizing colorant testing. Based in Terre Haute, IN., Betty works with her team to manage color evaluations for Ampacet North America and approves colorants globally for all Ampacet regions.

    Betty has a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry and a Master’s in Business Administration from Indiana State University.

    Betty has served on the Color and Appearance Division Board of Directors for several years, completing a rotation through the executive committee in 2015. She chaired two CAD RETEC® conferences: CAD RETEC® 2015 in Indianapolis, IN and CAD RETEC® 2021 in Atlanta GA. Betty is involved with several CAD committees and is the current Communication Chair.

  • 2019 – Scott Heitzman

    Nominated by the Color and Appearance Division.

    Scott has been a member of the Society of Plastics Engineers since 1987 and currently sits on the board. Scott is a very active member of the board  and most recently manages the New Technology Forum, serves on several committees and has chaired RETEC and ANTEC conferences.

  • 2012 – Tracy Phillips

    Nominated by the Color and Appearance Division. In addition to Tracy’s work in almost every Board position within the Color & Appearance Division, she experienced significant success in improving communication as the Division’s Communications Chair in 2009-2011. Tracy was responsible for building and maintaining almost all of the web pages currently on SPECAD.org. When the website was launched, it was given a new and modern look and a lot more content. The site is now the primary place for communicating with members and for archiving important/historical records. She also built a password protected “toolbox” area where important board-only documents are kept. This ensures that as board members change, the content and continuity of the Division is maintained for future reference. It was noted that Tracy “dragged the Division’s members into the 21st Century” through the implementation of social networking. She not only utilizes modern communication tools for current members, but also in the acquisition of new members. Furthermore, her work in the creation of a searchable compilation DVD containing all of CAD’s technical papers dating back to the 1960’s is a very significant contribution.

  • 2011 – Earl Balthazar

    Nominated by the Color & Appearance Division.  Earl has worked with three Sections and one Division, accepting a variety of roles with each group, including President of one Section and Chair of the Division.  He has been a newsletter editor, technical program chair, Councilor and many other positions over the years.  Earl was particularly cited by the HSM Election Committee for his efforts in moving the Color & Appearance Division RETEC to a different location when Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans; establishing a Student Chapter at a high school in Dallas, TX; and his involvement and activities on the Council level

  • 2010 – Sharyl Reid

  • 2010 – Sharon Ehr
  • 2008 – Sandra P. Davis (Philadelphia Section)
    Member since 1983. Nominated by the Color & Appearance Division and affiliated with the Philadelphia Section. For her long-time service to the Color & Appearance Division (CAD), which she served in a variety of committee positions, and all officer positions, including Chair. Sandra is recognized for the development of four financially and technically successful CAD conferences, which have enabled the Division to establish a scholarship program offering approximately $20,000/year in funding.

  • 2008 – David N. Johnson (Ohio Firelands Section)
    Member since 1985. Nominated by the Color & Appearance Division and affiliated with the Ohio Firelands Section. For his service to the Division, which he served as Chair and to the Section, which he served in a variety of roles. Dave served almost 10 years as newsletter editor for Ohio Firelands and five years as an SPE Newsletter Contest judge. As general operating co-chair for Color & Appearance, he oversaw the highest attendance (567) and the highest profit at a CAD RETEC® (to date). He used this experience to chair a conference with the Section and the Vinyl Plastics Division that helped the Section add to their scholarship fund.
  • 2007 – Terry L. Golding (Upper Midwest Section)

  • 2006 – Bruce Mulholland (Miami Section)

  • 2006 – Ralph Nunnaro (Ontario Section)

  • 2005 – Robert S. Trinklein (New England Section)

  • 2004 – Austin H. Reid (Tennessee Valley Section)

  • 2003 – Joe Camerson ( Upper Midwest Section)

  • 2003 – Johnny Suthers (TN-VA-Holston Valley  Section)

  • 2002 – George C. Rangos (Ohio Firelands Section)

  • 2000 – Brian West (Smokey Mountain Section)

  • 1998 – Frank L. Fasano (South Florida Section)

  • 1997 – John E. Copp (Mid Michigan Section)

  • 1997 – Robert C. Zeller (Lehigh Valley Section)

  • 1996 – William V. Longley (Detroit Section)

  • 1994 – Robert Charvat (Cleveland Section)

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About the SPE Fellow of the Society Award: The SPE Fellow of the Society award recognizes SPE Senior Members for their contributions in the field of plastics engineering, science or technology, or in the management of such activities. Sponsored by an SPE Division or Special Interest Group, candidates for Fellow must be Senior Members of the Society for six years. The Fellows Election Committee considers eligible candidates on the basis of a personal history as well as written sponsorships from two SPE members. Only 268 members have been elected to this prestigious status since it was established in 1984. Of that elite group, 5 where sponsored by SPECAD.

  • 2016 – Roger Reinicker (Philadelphia Section)

  • 2004 – Bruce M. Mulholland (Miami Valley Section)

  • 2002 – Austin H. Reid, Jr. (Tennessee Valley Section)

  • 2000 – Robert Charvat (Ohio Firelands Section)

  • 1996 – Frederick T. Simon, Prof. (Southern Section)

  • 1993 – Fred W. Billmeyer, Jr. (Hudson-Mohawk Section)

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  • 2009 – Bob Charvat (for his contributions toward Plastics Education)


Year noted is the year the award was given to the recipient for the prior year’s service. (i.e 2008 Award was for service during 2007-08 SPE CAD fiscal year)In 2007, the Outstanding Achievement Award was renamed for Terry Golding.

  • 2018 – Robert Trinklein, Austin Reid

  • 2017 – Jim Rediske

  • 2016 – Mark Tyler

  • 2015 – Sandra Davis, Earl Balthazar

  • 2014-

  • 2013 – Howard Kennedy

  • 2012- Steve Goldstein (For preparing the canned presentations available to membership)

  • 2011 – Johnny Suthers (for managing the Endowment Fund and Scholarship dispersement)

  • 2010 – Jamie Przbylski (for contributions to the newsletter)

  • 2009 – Bob Charvat and Tracy Phillips (for Archive DVD compilation work)

  • 2008 – Sharyl Reid (for CADNEWS/Website Sponsorship program)

  • 2007 – Joe Cameron, Sharon Ehr, Tracy Phillips (for SPECAD.ORG Website makeover)

  • 2006 – Austin Reid

  • 2005 – Bill Dawes (for work as SPECAD.ORG webmaster)

  • 2004 – Joe Cameron

  • 2003 – William Jarrett (for years of service to SPE CAD)

  • 2002 – Sandra Davis

  • 2001 – Terry Golding (for creation of a formal Awards/Recognition program)

  • 2000 – Robert Trinklein

  • 1999 – Bruce Mulholland

  • 1998 – Gary Beebe

  • 1997 – Sharon Ehr

  • 1996 – John Hackman

  • 1995 – Brian West

  • 1994 – Frank Fasano

  • 1993 – George Rangos

  • 1993 – Jack Graff

  • 1992 – Jack McMillan

  • 1991 – Tom Haney

  • 1990 – Robert Charvat

  • 1989 – Zack Fisackerly


Year noted is the CAD RETEC® Conference Year where that paper was presented. Award was presented the following year.

  • 2014-To be announced at CAD RETEC® 2015

  • 2013- To be announced at CAD RETEC® 2014

  • 2012 — Roger Reinicker (BASF)

  • 2011 – Roger Reinicker (BASF) – “The Filter Pressure Test DIN EN 13900-5 for Pickment Masterbatch Dispersions”

  • 2010 – Tad Finnegan (BASF) – “Solutions for Bio-based Polymers”

  • 2009 – Jim Rediske (Lanxess) – “Colorant Performance as a Function of Physical Parameters and Resin Selection”

  • 2008 – Mike Fye (Delphi) – “Novel Interior Lighting Utilizing Fluorescence”

  • 2007 – Kathrynn Brannon (Shepherd Color) – “Finding New Applications for High Performance Inorganic Pigments”

  • 2006 – Roger Reinicker (Ciba Specialty Chemicals) – “Back to the Basics of Organic Pigments: Diketopyrrolopyrol Pigments, Model Organic Chromophore”

  • 2005 – Tad Finnegan, Brian Coleman, et al, (Ciba Specialty Chemicals) – “A Day in the Color Application Laboratory” . . . “And Now the Rest of the Story”

  • 2004 – Marie-Odile Zink (Ciba Specialty Chemicals) – “The Value of Transparent and Opaque Pigments in Plastics Coloration”

  • 2004 – Tad Finnegan (Ciba Specialty Chemicals) – “Coloring Solutions for Outdoor Applications”

  • 2004 – Donald May (DuPont Titanium Technologies) – “Weathering Mechanisms of Pigmented Plastics”

  • 2003 – Reiner Hess, (Clariant) – “Don’t Let Your Phthalo Give You the Blues: PBl 15:1 Dispersion-Equipment or Recipe Optimization for Best Dispersion?”

  • 2003 – Austin Reid, et al (DuPont Titanium Technologies) – “Pigment Dispersions in Mixers”

  • 2002 – Lynne Bente (Buckeye Chemical) & Frank Lavieri (European Colors) – “Dyes vs. Pigments – The Face Off”

  • 2001 – Dwight Holtzen, et al (DuPont White Pigments & Mineral Colors) – “Measurement of Dispersion Quality in Thermoplastics”

  • 2000 – Richard Harold, Randy Snavely (Byk-Chemie) – “0/45 Instruments vs Sphere Instruments: Color Measurement of Plastics: Which Geometry is Best?”

  • 2000 – Dwight Holtzen, et al (DuPont White Pigments & Mineral Colors) – “ExtrusionMeasurement of Dispersion Quality in Thermoplastics”

  • 2000 – Roger Reinicker (Ciba Specialty Chemicals) – “Working with Organic Color in Red Color Space”

  • 1999 – Tracy Phillips (M.A. Hanna) – “Options in Measuring Frosted-Glass Effects for Plastics”

  • 1998 – Joe Fay, Pete Zillito (Ciba Specialty Chemicals) – “High Performance Pigments for Demanding Applications: Rotational Molding”

  • 1998 – Steve Wannamacher, Tim Reilly (Clariant) – “The Effect of Pigment Concentration on Heat Stability in Injection Molded Polyolefins”

  • 1998 – Gary Beebe (A. Schulman) – “The Good, The Bad, and the Future of Coloring Plastic: The Last 25 Years”

  • 1997 – Lynne Bente (Keystone Aniline) – “The Mass Coloration of Non-Migratory Transparent Colorants for Thermoplsatic Elastomers”

  • 1996 – Dwight Holtzen, et al (DuPont White Pigments & Mineral Colors) – “Die Lip Plate-Out: A Proposed Mechanism”

  • 1995 – Roger Reinicker (Ciba Specialty Chemicals) – “A Unique, Highly Transparent, Yellow Pigment for Polyolefin Fibers”

  • 1995 – David Mowery (Kollmorgen Instruments: Macbeth) – “A Complete Solution for Computer Color Formulation”

  • 1994 – Douglas Horsey, et al (Ciba Specialty Chemicals)