2017 SPE ANTEC Color & Appearance Division

Monday, May 8

Hilton Anaheim

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Message from Conference Website

ANTEC®, produced by the Society of Plastics Engineers, is the largest, most respected and well known technical conference in the plastics industry.

For over 70 years ANTEC® has successfully expanded from the U.S. into Europe, India and the Middle each with further expansion to global locations in the coming years.

Each event boasts technical and business presentations on new and updated technologies, panels and tutorials, networking events and student functions – all providing attendees with face-to-face interaction with expert representatives from the largest industry segments.

Who Attends and Why

Engineers, R&D Scientists, Technicians, Technical Sales & Support, Academics, Students, Managers, along with anyone involved in the plastics industry.

SPE Membership is encouraged but is not required to attend.


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Paper Submission DEADLINE: January 13, 2017

The Society of Plastics Engineers is delighted to announce that it is accepting submissions of technical papers for 2017 ANTEC.

The Color and Appearance Division of SPE is seeking paper submissions.  Any paper related to the color and/or appearance of plastic will be considered.  Appropriate topics might apply to one of these categories:

  • Color Measurement
  • Testing and Quality Control
  • Color Matching Techniques
  • Processing and Equipment
  • Materials (Colorants, Additives, Polymers)
  • Property Retention/Durability
  • Instrumentation and Test Methods
  • Regulatory Issues
  • Color Trends
  • Decorative or Special Effects
  • Other Color/Appearance Related TopiC

All submissions can be managed by email to the technical program committee.

Interested? Please send an email with your intentions to speak and proposed paper title to the Technical Program Committee for ANTEC 2017:

Click here to access the SPE ANTEC Paper Submission site

Contact the CAD Technical Program Chairs for details

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Hilton Anaheim, Santa Monica Room

Tentative Program Schedule (Updated 5/3/17)

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Morning Session Activity Speaker Title
8:00 AM Paper Bruce Mulholland, Celanese Color Theory
9:00 AM Paper Breeze Briggs, BASF A Systematic Approach for Color Matching Material that Contains Effect Pigments
9:30 AM Paper Jamal Al Sadi, Higher Colleges of Technology Effects of Processing Parameters on Colour Varition and Pigment Dispersion During the Compounding
10:00 AM Paper Rob Roden, Steer America Processing Mica Based Pigment Masterbatch
10:30 AM Paper Erin Keaney, University of Massachusetts/Lowell Exploring Powder Treatments to Improve Filler Incorporation for Optical Compounds
11:00 AM Paper Dr. Philipp Niedenzu, Chemours The Optical Performance of Titanium Dioxide Pigments in Plastics
11:30 AM Lunch  
Afternoon Session
2:00 PM Paper Doreen Becker, Ampacet Color Pathways Through Time
3:00 PM Paper Betty Puckerin, Ampacet Color Tutorial
4:30 PM CAD Annual Business Meeting


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