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Nick Lena


Nick Lena has degrees in both Engineering and Marketing. He joined GTI Graphic Technology, Inc. as Director of Color Technology in October 2011. In this role Nick oversees the LightSupport Calibration and Re-certification Service Program and also provides technical and sales support for both the Graphic Arts and Color and Appearance products. Nick joined GTI from Gamma Scientific where he was the Product Line Manager for Commercial Lighting, Military and Display Measurement. He previously worked for KonicaMinolta as Director of Technology and Business Unit Manager for Radiometric Products and Solutions. In this role he was responsible for the technical support and marketing efforts for all Spectrophotometers, Spectroradiometer and Colorimeter products.

Nick was also with GretagMacbeth for 20 years as Lighting and Radiometric Product Marketing Manager. At GretagMacbeth he developed and taught over 300 seminars on topics including Fundamentals of Color, and Appearance, Color Measurement and Light and Light Measurement. He was the author of their still current course books, The Fundamentals of Color and Appearance and has been the guest speaker for such organizations as Detroit Color Council, Color Marketing Group, Estee Lauder, Sikorsky, General Motors, Mattel, Disney, Honda, Jaguar, Boeing, Bayer, American Greeting, Microsoft, American Gem Trading Association, Frigidaire, Steelcase, The American Society of Appraisers and The American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists.

He is an active committee member of The American Society of Testing Materials, (ASTM) E12 Color and Appearance committees and is the Chairman of the ASTM E12.11 Visual Methods Committee.

Nick has been a member of the Illumination Engineering Society of North America, (IES) since 1978, a member of IES Committee on Color and has developed webinars on lighting measurement and the color metrics used for LEDs on the IES Education web site. In addition Nick was an active member of the ANSI / ISO TC42 standardization efforts on Visual Evaluation of Color and Uniformity in the Graphic Arts and participated in AATCC RA36 on Lighting Communications for Textiles and Apparel and was an advisor to the CIE (International Commission on Illumination) committee TC1-44 for Practical Daylight Sources for Colorimetry.