Utility of Metal Soaps in Color Concentrates

[one_half]Dr. Robert L. Sherman Jr.
Technical Director
Baerlocher USA

Dr. Sherman is an accomplished polymer stabilization scientist with over a dozen patents covering different types of polymer stabilization. Examples of polymer stabilization expertise include: polyesters and blends at GE plastics, acrylics at Aristech Acrylics, and polyolefins at both LyondellBasell and Baerlocher USA. Rob is currently Baerlocher’s Technical Director and global polyolefin stabilization and Baeropol® RST and T-Blend product family expert. He received his BS and MS in chemistry from Southern Illinois University, his Ph.D. in chemistry from Oklahoma State University and did his post doctoral research at Texas A&M University. [/one_half] [one_half_last]



Metals soaps, such as calcium stearate and zinc stearate, are commonly used as dispersing agents for pigments. The mechanisms that allow metal soaps to function depend on the media into which the pigment is being dispersed. A discussion of the types of available metals soaps and considerations when choosing them will be given. A comparison between metal soaps and other commonly used dispersing waxes will be made. Various techniques for using metal soaps will also be discussed.