Weathering Seminar and Panel Discussion 

On Monday morning, 24 September 2018, the SPE CAD is proud to announce that we have assembled a powerful half day Seminar and Panel Discussion on the difficult subject of weathering.

Top notch, world renown, speakers will make interesting, fascinating technical presentations addressing the difficult issues that we all deal with today. We assembled experts from around the world, from industry and real users to provide you with the pertinent, relevant information that you need!

The Panel Discussion consists of world experts and industry leaders that will be discussing: What significant development(s) in analytics/chemistry/pigments/physics/plastics/procedures/test methods do you anticipate that will improve a more reliable, better predictive correlation between the laboratory and results obtained in the “real world”.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to learn about the latest in the state-of-the-art in weathering and ask your most pressing, difficult questions to the panel!!

This seminar is appropriate for those engaged in; business development, engineering, marketing, new product development, product specialists, sales, quality control and all those who have an interest in plastics and plastics technology.

Moderator: Jack Ladson

Panel: Andy Francis, Qlab; Al Zielnek, Atlas/Ametek; Tad Finnegan, BASF