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The Color and Appearance Division of SPE strives to educate, train, inform and provide professional interaction opportunities to the global community involved in visual performance and aesthetics of plastics

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Color On My Mind

September 19-22, 2021

Conference Chairs

Betty Puckerin, Chairman

Kim Williamson, Vice Chair

Karen Carlson, Vice Chair 

Technical Program Chairs

TJ Stubbs

Alex Prosapio

Andrew Smith

Contact CAD RETEC® 2021 Committee

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2021 ANTEC (R) 

Virtual Sessions

Begins May 5, 2021

Technical Program Chairs

Doreen Becker

Ann Smeltzer

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CAD BOD Elections

Congratulations to newly elected Board of Directors for the 2021 to 2024 term  

Bruce Mulholland
Brian West
Earl Balthazar
Ed Ford
Josh Jacobs
Jack Ladson
Kimberly Williamson
Cheryl Treat
Brian Coleman

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Congratulations to the Color and Appearance Division!

2019 SPE Pinnacle Education Award


SPE CAD Scholarships Applications

Applications for the 2021-2022 Academic year will be available in May 1st 2021.  Please contact a board member for details.

The Society of Plastics Engineers Color and Appearance Division has scholarships available for qualified individuals.

Five of the scholarships have been dedicated to Five remarkable people in our industry.

The endowment fund for the scholarships is the brainchild of one of SPECAD’s past presidents, Gary Beebe.

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SPE Foundation Scholarships and Grants 

The SPE Foundation offers numerous scholarships to students who have demonstrated or expressed an interest in the plastics industry.


Latest CADNEWS® Issues Published

Spring 2021

Winter 2020

Fall 2020




Make A Splash With Color

Click here to download 2020 CAD RETEC® Conference papers (Attendees Only) 

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Rocking Color in Cleveland

Click here to download 2019 CAD RETEC® Conference papers (Attendees Only) 

[button link=”http://cadretec2019.conferencespot.org/” size=”small” target=”_blank or _self” color=”green” lightbox=”true or false”]Download Papers[/button]

Web Contact SPECAD.ORG


View pictures of past CAD events 

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Join SPE and CAD Division

New Member Info:   www.4spe.org/joinnow


Renew Your Membership

Renew link:    www.4spe.org/renewnow


CAD Board of Directors Meetings 2020

Summer BOD Virtual Meeting

August 18, 2020

Fall BOD Virtual Meeting

October 27, 2020

Board meetings are open to all members.

Notify us in advance if you are interested in attending.

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CAD RETEC® 2021 Sponsors

Platinum Sponsors

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