About SPE CAD’s House Band:  Color Eye BlindColot Eye Blind Logo  
SPE CAD is the only division (that we know of) with its own house band, made up of talented members from the division.  Color Eye Blind can often be heard playing at the Welcome Reception of the CAD RETEC® Conference.

Color Eye Blind’s music tends toward the blues-classic-southern rock genre, so it is best played loud.  Guest musicians and vocalists from the CAD audience are often featured.  If you listen carefully, you’ll be very entertained by the lyrics, which have often been changed to subjects related to the coloring of plastics industry.

Color Eye Blind first appeared at CAD RETEC® 1998 in Cleveland, OH where they played during the Welcome Reception at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.  CAD RETEC® 2008 is the 10th anniversary of this first appearance.  Rock On, Dudes!



Meet the Band
 Regular Band Members:
Austin Reid, DuPont Titanium Technologies
 Bruce Mulholland Bruce Mulholland, Ticona Bass/Vocals        

Brian West

Brian West, Techmer PM Rhythm Guitar        
Past Guest Band Members 
  June Levis Drums        
  Stan Byrd Drums/Vocals 2003      
  Brian Seiler Drums        
Past Guest Appearances         
  Brian Coleman, BASF Vocals Brown Eyed Girl      
  Phil Peterson, Chidley & Peto Harmonica Blues in Illuminant C      
  Tracy Phillips, Uniform Color Co. Vocals (uh-oh) Sweet Home Alabama      
  Sharyl Reid, A. Schulman Vocals        


Play List 
 Just a few of the songs  you might hear the band play at the next conference. . .
  Title Special “CAD” Lyrics        
  All Along The Watchtower          
  Black Magic Woman          
  Blues in Illuminant C  Yes        
  Blue Suede Shoes          
  Brown Eyed Girl          
  Down On The Corner          
  Green Onions          
  Green River          
  Heavy Metal Pigment Mambo No. 5 yes        
  Hot Rod Lincoln          
  House of the Rising Sun          
  Johhny B. Goode          
  Jumpin’ Jack Flash          
Pink Houses
  Purple Haze          
  Red House          
  She Got Me Matching Colors  (sung to ZZ Top’s Tune-She Got Me Under Pressure)  Yes        
  Statesboro Blues          
  Summertime Blues          
  Sunshine of Your Love          
  Surf Medley          
  Sweet Home Alabama          
  Tribute to Elmore James          
  Up Around the Bend          
  Whippin’ Post          
  You Can’t Always Get What You Want          
  You Don’t Love Me          


Concert Photos 
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Click Image to see a larger version of photo.
     Brian Colemans sings “Brown Eyed Girl”    Phil Peterson on Harmonica    
    Color Eye Blind Bruce Mulholland, 2006    
         Sharyl and Tracy jam to “Sweet Home Alabama”    
2001-Marco Island 
2001color eyeblind   2001 Retec Aerial View   2001 retec parrot theme    
Austin, Brian, Stan, Bruce   Concert Venue-Aerial View   Standard Observers    
    2001 retec groupies