Monday May 23, 2016
Time Type Moderator Presenter Company Title
8:00 Keynote Ann Smeltzer Doreen Becker A. Schulman Color Trends for 2016
9:00 Paper Ann Smeltzer Philipp Niedenzu The Chemours Company Fundamental Factors for Opacity and Tint Generated with Titanium Dioxide
9:30 Paper Ann Smeltzer James Rediske BASF Corporation Impact of Pigments on the Dimensional Stability of Plastics
10:00 Paper Ann Smeltzer Brian West Techmer PM Color Development for Non Warping Thin Wall Injection Molding
10:30 Paper Ann Smeltzer Jeff Drusda Silberline Continued Studies of the Effects of Metallic Pigment Dispersions on the Physical Properties of Thermoplastics
11:00-13:30 PM

ANTEC Keynote Presentation and Lunch Break

13:30 Keynote Mark Freshwater Diane Langer BASF Corporation Innovations and Trends in Coloration
14:30 Paper Mark Freshwater Sean Fowler Q-lab Corporation Accelerated Weathering Test Standards for Plastics: Why Don’t They Work?
15:00 Paper Mark Freshwater Bruce Mullholland Celanese High Gloss “Piano Black” Acetal Copolymer
15:30 Paper Mark Freshwater Mark Bryan Shepherd High Performance Inorganic Pigments


SPE CAD Business Meeting