CAD RETEC Conference


Annual 5K Fun Run/Walk


 Habitat for Humanity
   Fun Run/Walk
Total SPE CAD Contributions to Habitat for Humanity since 2005:
30,071.44(through 2014)
Since 2005, CAD has been giving back to our conference city by donating the proceeds from the annual CAD RETEC 5K Fun Walk/Run to the Habitat for Humanity Chapter in the city where the RETEC is held.  For every person  who signs up fo the Fun Run/Walk, CAD matches their Fun Run/Walk registration fees to double the amount donated to Habitat for Humanity.

Our goal is to have more and more CAD RETEC attendees participate in the Fun Run/Walk each year to support Habitat for Humanity and to support living a healthy lifestyle.

The Fun Run/Walk is coordinated and sponsored by Dominion Colour.  It takes place usually at 7am one morning during the conference and completes in time for participants to shower, change, and attend the first technial session of the conference.  

The Run is general 5K and The Walk is shorter.

Participants get a stylish t-shirt and a great walking/running tour of the conference city.


For more information on the next Fun Run/Walk, please see the conferene informaiton page or
Contact: Bruce Clatworthy
(Remove the xxx from the email address before sending.)  
Registration for this event can be made on the conference registration form.
       2015 Fun Run/Walk Handout
SPE CAD is not affiliated with Habitat for Humanity.
 2011 Dupage County Habitat for Humanity Thanks you (pdf)