McCormick Place West
Chicago, Illinois USA
June 22-24

SPE ANTEC 2009 Info

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ABSTRACT DEADLINE: September 1, 2008
Note-If you missed the abstract deadline, it’s not too late.  Just let us know your title as soon as possible and get your paper submitted by the paper deadline.
PAPER DEADLINE:  November 14, 2008-5pm EST





The Society of Plastics Engineers is delighted to announce that it is accepting submissions of technical papers for SPE’s ANTEC™ 2009 Technical Program of the Color and Appearance Division. ANTEC™ 2009 for the first time will be held jointly with the National Plastics Exposition at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois, on June 22-24, 2009. ANTEC™ 2008 was very successful, and we expect to make it even better in 2009. To do that, we need you to participate by submitting your technical paper by November 14, 2008. Prior submission of an abstract is not necessary


Any paper related to the color and/or appearance of plastic will be considered. Appropriate topics might apply to one of these categories:


  • Color Measurement
  • Testing and Quality Control
  • Color Matching Techniques
  • Processing and Equipment
  • Materials (Colorants, Additives, Polymers)

  • Property Retention/Durability
  • Instrumentation and Test Methods
  • Regulatory Issues  
  • Color Trends
  • Decorative or Special Effects
  • Other Color/Appearance Related Topics 

The Process:
The paper submission and review process is managed entirely online, as follows:

• Authors submit their papers to an online database via a website. The database can accept virtually any type of electronically formatted document (PC and Mac formats). Go to the SPE homepage at, and, under Conference/Events Tab, follow the link to ANTEC or go directly to , and click on “Call for Papers.”

• Submit your paper to the Color and Appearance Division. (Once the file is submitted to the website, it is automatically converted to an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.)


• The Author’s Release Form must be sent electronically upon paper submission.

• The SPE Technical Program Chairs and respective review committees conduct paper reviews via the paper-submission website. The reviewers then forward any necessary revision requests to the authors via email.

As you can see, the process for an ANTEC author is relatively easy. If you have not submitted a paper or made a presentation at ANTEC, please consider the possibility…it will be worth your efforts!


Roger Reinicker
Technical Program Chair
+1 302-992-1252











Abstract Submission Website:













Specify “Color and Appearance” (D21) when submitting your abstract.

Please email Roger or Tracy (below) and let one of them know you are submitting a paper on a topic related to color and appearance of plastics.  If your topic is not related to color and appearace of plastics, it may be reassigned to an alternate SPE division session.

Thanks for presenting! 

ANTEC 2009 Committee Contacts


Chairperson Roger Reinicker, Ciba
Vice-Chairperson Tracy Phillips, Uniform Color

Moderator -AM

Moderator – PM





June 22-24, 2009
McCormick Place,
Chicago, IL
SPE Antec 2009, Milwaulkee, WI, June 22-24

SPE ANTEC 2009 Info and Registration



Color and Appearance Division Activities at SPE ANTEC 2009:
The following is preliminary information.  Check back later for updates.


CAD Executive Board Meeting


The executive board meeting is open only to the CAD Executive Committee members.



CAD Board Meeting

There will not be a Board meeting at ANTEC 2009.  Instead, the board meeting was held prior to ANTEC in MAY by web conference.  he board meeting is open to any CAD division members wishing to attend.


SPE CAD Technical Paper Sessions (Tentative-check final program to confirm)
Location:  McCormick Place, Room 187A
Session T4, Tuesday, June 23- Room 187A
Moderator:  Jim O’Dwyer, Croda

Key Note:  Food Contact Compliance

Neal Earhart, Ciba
9:30am Evaluation of TiO2 Pigments In a Renewably Resourced Polymer Phil Niedenzu, DuPont
10:00am Understanding the ASTM Method for Heat Build-UP Steve Goldstein, BASF
10:30am Strategies for the Replacement of Lead- and Chrome-Based Pigments in Synthetic Turf Tad Finnegan, Ciba
11:00am Realistic Appearnce of Wood Grains Formed with Smart Blenders On Surfaces and Inside Extruded Plastics Dave Zumbrunnen, Clemson University
11:30am Mesuring Distinctness of Image of High Gloss Surfaces Dieter Gruber, PCCL


Session T22: Tuesday, June 23 – Room 187A
Moderator:  Betty Puckerin,  Ampacet
1:30pm Key Note: Color Trends

  • Global Color Palette for 2010
  • Trends Impactin Color Preference for 2010
  • Trend Impact on Packaging / Consumer Products
  • Colors Emerging for 2011 

How do global economic situations and technology inform our product selection choices? What are the visual cues that prompt you to select one product over another? Reach your audience by understanding how socio-economic conditions translate into consumers’ preferences for color and consumer product design in 2010 and beyond..

Linda Carroll (CMG), Ampacet
Linda Carroll, Ampacet
Linda Carroll is an expert in “cultural mapping” and how it relates to the use of color and special effects in packaging and consumer goods across multiple industries. Carroll has more than 30 years of experience in rigid and flexible packaging, as well as colorants and specialty additives. As Color Insight Manager at Ampacet, she works with consumer goods companies to support color selection in brand launches, the repositioning of current brands and is responsible for the annual AmpaVision forecast of color. 
Carroll enjoys Chairholder status with the international Color Marketing Group, is a member of The Color Association and several other international color, industry and futurist organizations. 
2:00pm NIR Radiation Management Par IV-Integrated Solar Energy Management For Construction and Automotive Steve Goldstein, BASF
2:30pm Improved Color Mixing For Shear and Thermally Sensitive Pigments Thomas Hicks, Stratek Plastic
3:00pm Process Improvments for Plastic Processors Resulting From a Modified Form of TiO2 Lisa Swain, Huntsman
3:30pm Cost Effective TiO2 Extension in Wite Color Concentrates Using Anhydrous Calcium Sulfate Susan Dichter, USGypsum
4:00pm Applications and Uses of Byk-Gardner Haze-Gard Plus Robert James, Byk-Gardner USA
4:30pm CAD Division Annual Business meeting open to all


Antec 2009 Committee Contacts

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Roger Reinicker
Tracy Lynn Phillips
Uniform Color

AM: Jim O’Dwyer

PM: Betty Puckerin