SPE ANTEC 2015 Info and Registration

ANTEC 2015 Advanced Program

Color and Appearance Division (D21) at SPE ANTEC 2015
The following information is current as of January 30, 2015.  Please check final program at the conference.

CAD Executive Board Meeting
The Executive Board meeting is open only to CAD Executuve Committee members.

CAD Annual Business Meeting
The 2015 SPE CAD Business meeting will be held immediately after the last CAD Session paper Monday, March 23.  The business meeting is open to any SPE member.

CAD Board Meeting
There will be a CAD Board meeting at ANTEC 2015 on Tuesday, March 24.  The Board meeting is open to any CAD Division member wishing to attend.

SPE CAD Technical Paper Sessions – Preliminary Program
Location:  Orlando County Convention Center
Session M2:  Color & Appearance Division
Date:  Monday, March 23
Moderator:  Jack Ladson, Color Science Consultancy
Time (AM)  Author  Title
8:30 Bruce Mulholland, Celanese (Keynote) Introduction to Color Theory
9:00 Brian Coleman, Uniform Color Co. Optimizing Coloring Methods for Plastics: “What’s The Best Coloring Method For Your Application?”
9:30 Steve Blazey, A. Schulman Formulation Strategy To Achieve Highly Colorable And Weatherable ASA
10:00 Sharon Ehr, Uniform Color Co. Colorant Solutions To Meet Global Packaging Regulations
10:30 Shahid Ahmed, University of Ontario Effect Of Process Variables On Pigment Dispersion In A Polycarbonate Based Compounded Plastic

Location:  Orlando County Convention Center
Session M21:  Color & Appearance Division
Date:  Monday, March 23
Moderator:  Tom Rachal, Tronox
Time (PM) Author Title
1:30 Steve Goldstein, Clariant Corp. (Keynote) Specifications And Test Methods (A CAD Continuing Education Presentation)
2:00 Austin Reid, DuPont X-Ray Methods: Examples Of Contributions To The History Of Pigments
2:30 Andrew Smith, Shepherd Color Co. Pigment Design In The Modern Age
3:00 Dietmer Mäder, Eckart GmbH Novel Effect Pigments For Cool Plastics
3:30 Phil Niedenzu, DuPont A Walk Around The Color Sphere: Effect Of Titanium Dioxide Particle Size Distribution On Color Of Plastics
4:00 Nathan Karzses, Nubiola Blue Undertone Enhancement Of Black And Grey PP Injection Molded Parts For Automotive With Ultramarine Blues
4:30 Jim Rediske, BASF
Color Transfer from Point A to Point B:
A Review And Examination of Crocking, Rub-off, Bleeding, Blooming, Blushing, Transfer, Migration, Extraction, Sublimation, Exudation, Plate Out, Diffusion And Any Other Means By Which Color Ends Up Where It Doesn’t Belong.
5:00 CAD Annual Business Meeting Open to Everyone