Who Attends and Why
CAD RETEC® is the trademarked name of our division’s annual topical conference. The conference is usually scheduled in the fall of each year, and generally takes place over two or three days. Conference locations change from year to year as we try to offer convenient opportunities to attend for the entire SPE CAD membership.

CAD RETEC is our “big” conference each year. We are proud that CAD RETEC is longest running and largest technical conference in North America devoted to the coloring of plastics. Attendance is usually around 400-500 people from all functions of business including technology, manufacturing, sales, and procurement. It started as a technical conference focused on development, manufacturing and research in the field of color science, color measurement, and coloring plastics. In more recent years, efficient networking has been the draw for the crowd.

SPE membership is encouraged but is not required to attend.