Coloring of Plastics

The Color and Appearance Division of SPE has been presenting the “Coloring of Plastics” tutorial at the start of the CAD RETEC® conference for many years. Many SPE members and non-members have benefited from this program. The tutorial is a great starting point for those just beginning a career, or an excellent continuing improvement opportunity to those who wish to add to their base knowledge of coloring of plastics. The course is full of practical information which is embellished and enlightened by the active participation of all the attendees. Specific real-life questions and problems are encouraged to be brought with you to the tutorial.

The tutorial runs a full day on the day prior to CAD RETEC® and does require a separate registration and fee. The attendance is limited to 20 persons, so register soon. Attendees receive a full-color manual to use as a reference when they return home.

Who might benefit from attending the tutorial? Past tutorial records show colleagues already pursuing careers in coloring of plastics or new graduates from various levels of education have given the coloring of plastics tutorial high marks for improving their understanding of the subject matter. A few examples are:
‒ Executives needing to better understand their company’s coloring issues
‒ Managers newly appointed and/or desiring to communicate more effectively with peers and subordinates
‒ Color formulators/matchers to better understand the theory behind their work
‒ Color specifiers/approvers to understand limitations in coloring of plastics
‒ Sales personnel hoping to gain more technical knowledge to better serve their customers
‒ Product designers wishing to better understand the technology behind the coloring of plastics, to make better and more informed decisions
‒ Color manufacturing personnel to understand the impact of compounding on color
‒ Color processors (injection molding, extrusion, etc) to better understand the technology ways they can impact the final color

Topics covered in the “Coloring of Plastics” tutorial include:
‒ Visual color perception process
‒ Color specifying/order systems
‒ Scattering
‒ Detailed discussion on colorants, including performance and testing
‒ Coloring of plastics, including issues brought be attendees
‒ Color delivery forms
‒ Instrumental color measurement process
‒ Understanding color space and color difference equations

All of the above will not result in anyone being the “best in the nation” color technologist. However, the 20 attendees will leave the course with a better understanding of this technology and should be more effective in their careers.

About the instructor:
Bruce Mulholland, Retired, has over 35 years of experience in coloring of plastics. He is an Honored Fellow of the Society of Plastics Engineers and past president of CAD. He is currently on the Division’s Board of Directors and serves as treasurer. He is also a member of the Detroit Color Council. He has twenty patents in the areas of color and UV stabilization, and has presented over forty papers at SPE ANTEC®, CAD RETEC® and other color-related industry events.