2014 CAD Board Elections

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Why I want to be elected:

John BairdJohn Baird   John is currently employed at AOC, LLC in Collierville TN, been here 16 year now, have worked for Ferro for most part, Rosemar, CBE, and PMS.  I have been in the business of coloring plastic’s for 44 years, making dry color, masterbatch, liquid color, wax based conc. Etc.  With my current company, I do tech service work, we are in thermo set field.  We make color for gel coats, epoxies, urethane’s,  we are also the largest manufacturer of unsaturated polyester resins in north America, maybe 4th in world. John is married and has two sons I figure , color has been good to me, just want to help out the Color and Appearance division whichever way I can, to give back something.  
Thomas ChirayilTom Chiralyli Ph.D. in Materials Chemistry from Binghamton University. 

Tom Chirayil is a Senior Scientist at BASF Corporation supporting the colorants for plastics.  Tom has been at this technical service position since January, 2012.

I have attended the CAD RETEC conferences since 2012 and have given two technical presentations. I have learned a lot from other technical papers and exhibits and appreciate the value that CAD conferences bring to the industry. I want to be more active to help continue the mission of the organization by educating, training, and informing the community in coloring plastics as well as promote sustainable solutions.   Being on the Board gives me the opportunity to be part of CAD RETEC initiatives and help maintain its strong image in the industry. It also allows me to continually interact with the leaders in the field of coloring plastics. 


Sharon Ehr


Plastics Technology – College of DuPage, Illinois


Current: Technology Manager at Uniform Color Company

Current responsibilities are new product development, employee training and development and regulatory systems.

Former: Director of Color Technology & Quality at Chroma Corporation where I worked for nearly 20 years. I oversee all new product development, quality, R&D, ISO and regulatory issues for my company.


I have been involved in the coloring of plastics for the past 28+ years and am a past SPE CAD chair.  I have been a member of the CAD board since 1992.  In the past 22 years I have served as RETEC & ANTEC co-chair, Technical Program Chair and have been part of the RETEC committee nearly every year since my initial election.  I currently serve on the Paper Review Committee, Awards Committee, C&A Advisory Committee, Endowment Committee, Site and Theme Committee, Website Committee.  I have twice been awarded with the outstanding achievement award offered by CAD each year.   I plan to continue to work with CAD to promote education of plastics to our members and non-members to sustain and increase industry participation in SPE.

Steve Esker



Associate’s Degree-

Mechanical Engineering

Plastics Engineering

Color Matching

Terra Community College

BS – Business Management,




Paramount Colors, Inc. since 1999, Technical Sales Manager

Prior: Equistar Chemical, Colorist 1994-1999

Served as Vice President of SPE student chapter, Firelands Branch in 1993-1994.

Membership Chairperson for Central Ohio Division of SPE 1994-1997.

Vice President for Central Ohio Division of SPE, 1997-1999.




Mark Freshwater



Mark Freshwater

Bachelor’s degree Business Administration Slippery Rock University

26 years industry experience supplying pigments – 9 yrs with Hoechst Specialty Chemicals Division and 17 Years with LANSCO Colors.

I am currently a member of the CAD Board and cannot tell you how impressed I am with the quality of the people on the board and their commitment to continuing the education of the coloration of plastics.  It truly is a special group and I would be honored and proud to continue my service as a board member.  Thank you!

Steve Goldstein


Brenda Mullins

PhD-Thermo and Photo Chemical Reactions, Emory University

Post Doc at Univ of Pitts and University of Buffalo.

Current:   Director Of Technology Master Batch Clariant


Five years at Ash Stevens working on projects for NSF and NIH.  Tech Development lab with BASF from 1988-92, Section Head with UV’s for Plastics BASF 92-94.  Technical Service Manager Additives for Plastics 94-98. Technical Service manager Additives and Colorants for Plastics 98-01. Technical Service Manager for Colorants and Additives for Plastics and Specialties 01- 06. Technical service Manager Colorants and Additives for Plastics 06-10.

Over 30 papers given at various conferences

Member Of ACS for 31 years

Member of SPE for 13 years

I am a member of the CAD board, a member of the Paper Review Committee,

Chairperson for the Technical Resource Committee and Education Committee.  I would like to continue working within the groups to

continue the work that CAD does to advance color within SPE.

Dan Hunter

Dan Hunter


Bradley University

BS in Art  (yep, that’s possible)

Presently, Technical Director at Badger Color Concentrates.

Proir to that, I spent the last twenty odd years at various technical and lab positions at other color masterbatch companies (Clariant, Polymer Color, and Chroma). 


I’ve enjoyed many roles over the years, and a day hasn’t passed I haven’t learned something from the industry.  I look forward to giving back to it in the years to come.

Charles Less

Charles LessA graduated of The University of Denver with a BS in Organic Chemistry.  He holds a two-year professional degree from the University of Pennsylvania, The Warton School of business.  After completing some post graduate work in chemistry and Wharton, I focused my attentions on B2B marketing practicesA graduated of The University of Denver with a BS in Organic Chemistry.  He holds a two-year professional degree from the University of Pennsylvania, The Warton School of business.  After completing some post graduate work in chemistry and Wharton, I focused my attentions on B2B marketing practicesI would like to be elected to the board in order to strengthen my global relationships in the plastic industry. Through my broad network of contacts, talents and experiences, contribute my time to further grow the value of the organization’s programs to its membership.Craig Maxey

Craig Maxie

BS –Chemistry and Professional Business – Concord University

Current Employment: Nubiola – Leading UMB Pigment Manufacturer

•Nubiola Technical Sales Manager – Plastics – NA

•(6+ yrs. Pigment manufacture , Coatings, Construction and Plastics application)

Previous Employment:

•Pigment Applications Laboratory Assistant

•Chemical Application Specialist

•Vacation Resort Management

It would be a great honor to serve for the industry that has given so much to a flourishing professional career in the Plastics industry.  With plastics being the main area of focus for the past four years at Nubiola, which should allow for a fresh perspective to topics and ideas for upcoming functions of the SPE. I believe that the mix of young and experienced plastics professionals would help create an enjoyable experience for all of those involved with SPE CAD.

Specialties: Coloration of most any substrate, Inorganic pigments.Ron Oberstar

BS in BA Major Markeing-John Carroll University

Chemistry Minor


Current – President of Fortune International Technology and Fortune International Titanium



Previous – over 35 years in colorant technology:  entry lab tech, regional sales, national sales and director positions:


Harshaw Chemical, Englehard, BASF, Dainichiseika (Diacolor Pope), Eckart America



I have the color pigment industry and Bob Charvat to be grateful to for a great career filled with memorable experiences and remarkable relationships.

I believe there are great opportunities ahead for the SPE for new members to get involved, participate in and advance the CAD organization and RETEC globally.

I would welcome the opportunity to give back to the SPE, support the CAD while “paying it forward” to benefit the organization and its members.


As an entrepreneur for 10 years, following 35 years in corporate America – I have a broad base of knowledge and experience to share with our members.

Jamie Przybyliski


Tracy Phillips

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, University of Detroit




MBA, Bowling Green State University


Worked as a production engineer in a polyethylene film manufacturing plant for Dow Chemical in Findlay, OH for 10 years.


Currently teaching plastics processing and coloring of plastics courses at Terra Community College.  Have been at Terra for 20 years.


I have served on the CAD BOD and the Firelands Section BOD for over 10 years.  It has been a great experience that has benefitted Terra’s Coloring of Plastics Program and me professionally.  I currently am on the Education, Paper Review, and Communications Committees and am the Newsletter editor. I would like to continue to serve the CAD and the industry by continuing to be a CAD Board member.


Austin H. Reid, Jr.


B.S. Chemistry, U. of Montevallo; Ph.D., Inorganic Chemistry, Auburn University (T.R. Webb and P.B. Shevlin, Advisors); Postdoctoral Fellow, Texas A&M University w. Professor F. Albert Cotton.


Joined DuPont in 1985 at the Johnsonville Plant. Held numerous positions in research and development and in research and technical services management. He has worked at the Edge Moor (DE), Johnsonville (TN) and DeLisle (MS) plants as well as at the Jackson Laboratory (NJ) and Chestnut Run Laboratory (DE). Currently a Research Fellow in the Research and Development section of the Titanium Technologies division. He is a member of the American Chemical Society, the American Crystallographic Association, Sigma Xi and AAAS.


I have been active in the SPE for twenty-four years. It has been my great privilege to serve as a member of this board through both good times and not such good times over more than two decades. Great challenges are facing our Division and the Society as a whole, and I wish to continue to bring my experience to bear on surmounting these challenges. As additional background, I was named a Fellow of the Society in 2002 and an Honored Service Member in 2004. I have served as the Chair of the Color and Appearance Division and received the Outstanding Achievement Award in 2006. I also served as overall Technical Program Chair for the 2006 ANTEC and am currently the Chair of the Finance Committee as well as the overall ANTEC TPC for the Division.


Nick Sotos

Nick Sotos

I have attended a couple of different colleges but never received a degree

I started in the Plastics Industry in 1996 working for a resin broker, establishing the Midwest Territory.  We specialized in Styrenic Resin but also sold Regrinds, Repro and Color Concentrates.  In November 2004, I left to start Carver Plastic Products, Inc. selling Plastic Resin, Regrinds and Rollstock as well as doing some commissioned sales.  In 2005, I started iD Additives, Inc. selling a line of Chemical Foaming Agents, since that time we have added UV Stabilizers and Purging Compounds to our product lines.  iD Additives has made the Inc. 5000 list for Fastest Growing Small Businesses for the last 3 years.  I have served on the SPE Chicago Board for the past 2 years.


I have been attending the CAD RETEC show for the past 4 years and have exhibited at the last 3 shows.  I have met a number of great people through the CAD RETEC shows, which has helped our company, grow in a number of different ways.  The reason I would like to be on the CAD Board of Directors is that I would like to pay back the association for the help they have given me and our company.  While my background is not on the technical nature, I can bring a viewpoint from sales /marketing side of the business to help as the association keeps moving forward..


Brent Speer

Brent SpeerGeorgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, Ga.), B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering in 1995Following a 4 year role as Research Technician at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) with duties also as a Research Technician at the Institute of Paper Science and Technology (IPST), I started working for Columbian Chemicals Company in 1995 at the Global Headquarters and R&D Center (Marietta, Ga.), first in the Microscopy Laboratory as a Physicist for 13 years and then later as a Chemist for 2 years in the Specialty Blacks Laboratory.  My current role since 2013 is North American Technical Service for Specialty Carbon Blacks, where the markets supported are plastics, inks and coatings.Being that I recently moved into a technical service role with my organization and am much more visible to a wide range of customers, I want to broaden and enrich both my technical knowledge of color performance in plastics applications as well as my network of colleagues.  I have 15 years of carbon black experience from a laboratory standpoint coupled with about a year of field experience meeting various plastics customers which I think would benefit the board in the coming year.  I’m eager to get involved in a professional organization that directly affects my business and CAD certainly does.Mark Tyler


Johnny Suthers

Bachelors of Science in Business, Administration, Minor in Marketing,






Franklin University





Associates Degree in Plastics Color Matching,

Terra Community College

Currently Position:

Ticona – Color Technologist




Florence, KY.









Past Positions:

A. Schulman Inc.

Sharon Center, Ohio

For 16 years where I held various positions from color QC to Color Technical Manager








Allied Color Corp.

Broadview Heights, Ohio




Day-Glo Color Corp

Cleveland, Ohio

Being part of the BOD for the last six years has been very rewarding for me and I hope to continue being part of a group and industry I strongly believe in. I am truly grateful for the opportunities and challenges this honor has presented me and will continue to serve the membership as it endures and grows.  I currently serve on the Communications Committee, Education Committee, Strategic Growth Committee as well as future ANTEC and RETEC Committees. I have been part of the SPE CAD as a student member, member and Senior member for the last 24 years and would appreciate the opportunity to continue to give back to the membership all that it has given me


Pete Zillitto

Bachelor of Science in Business Management

Goldey Beacom College, Summa Cum Laude 2002


Sudarshan North America

  • Key Account Manager



Superior Materials Inc.

  • Regional Sales Manager

Laxness Corporation

  • Key Account Manager

Superior Materials Inc.

  • Technical Sales Manager

Ciba Specialty Chemicals

  • Technical Sales Representative
  • Special Account Representative
  • Customer Technical Service Representative
  • Laboratory Technician

I’ve been an active SPE member since entering the industry in 1989 and have been attending the SPE/CAD RETEC conference regularly since my first one in Cherry Hill, NJ back in 1992. I Co-authored the technical paper, “Pigments for Demanding Applications”, presented at the 1998 SPE/CAD RETEC in Cleveland, Ohio. The paper was voted “Best of Conference”. I’ve also made presentations at the SPE/CAD RETEC New Technology Forum, first for Lanxess Corporation and most recently for Sudarshan North America in during the 2012 conference in Louisville, KY and again in Baltimore in 2013.

After almost 25 years of working with colorants in the plastics industry I’ve met so many great people, made so many friends and learned so much I honestly could not see myself having done anything else. After so many years in plastics and colorants having attended so many RETEC’s, ANTEC’s, NPE’s and other industry conferences a chance to serve on the CAD board and become even more active in the business that has given me so much is very exciting to me.”