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All polls are closed!


You must be an SPE member and have the Color and Appearance Division as your primary division in order to vote! 

You must cast your vote online using the ballot below for the 2018 CAD Board of Directors and CAD Councilor elections. Please review the candidates biographies tab prior to voting. You may vote for a maximum of 9 candidates for the Director positions and one Councilor. Please record your name and your SPE member number or the email you use with your SPE membership when you submit your vote. If you change your vote and want to resubmit your ballot, only the last ballot submitted will be counted.

You may change your vote by voting again. Only your last vote will be counted. Earlier votes will be ignored.

You must be a current member of SPE and a member of the Color and Appearance Division to vote. If you are not sure your membership is active or you wish to renew your membership, you can contact SPE customer relations at +1 203-740-5403 or membership@4spe.org for assistance. If you are an inactive SPE member, you may renew your membership at www.4spe.org and then cast your vote.

All voters will be verified with the SPE Membership Database.  Any voter that is found ineligible will be contacted once (via the email given on the ballot) to correct their eligibility.

The deadline for voting is March 2, 2018. If there are any questions, please contact the elections committee chairperson, Brian West.

Brian West, Chair-Elect
2018 CAD Elections Committee Chair