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In 2005, our CAD RETEC® conference was sheduled to be held in New Orleans, Louisiana  in mid-September.   On August 29th New Orleans was slammed by Hurricane Katrina, one of five most deadly hurricanes in the history of the United States.  At least 1,800 people perished and more than $80 billion in damages to property was caused by Hurricane Katrina.

Due to the failure of the levee system surrounding New Orleans, 80% of the city was flooded. Though no trivial matter in that short a timeframe ,we were able to shift the conference to Charlotte, North Carolina at the last minute and hold a successful event with 440 attendees (better than 95% retention of the original pre-registrants) and 62 tabletop exhibits.
While CAD recovered from displacement,  tens of thousands of homes in New Orleans were flooded or destroyed and  hundreds of thousands of New Orleans’ citizens were displaced. In recognition of this tragedy, the CAD Board of Directors voted to donate 25% of the net proceeds from the 2005 CAD RETEC Conference to one of the charities helping in the disaster recovery. It was ultimately decided that the donation be made to Habitat for Humanity for their efforts in the construction of new housing for the people of New Orleans.

Since then CAD has continued the tradition of giving back to our conference city by donating the proceeds from the annual CAD RETEC 5K Fun Walk/Run to the Habitat for Humanity Chapter in the city where the RETEC is held.  For every person  who signs up fo the Fun Run/Walk, CAD matches their Fun Run/Walk registration fees to double the amount donated to Habitat for Humanity.

Our goal is to have more and more CAD RETEC attendees participate in the Fun Run/Walk each year to support Habitat for Humanity and to support living a healthy lifestyle.

Total SPE CAD Contributions to Habitat for Humanity since 2005:$25,591.44 (thru 2012)
SPE CAD is not affiliated with Habitat for Humanity.
2011  Dupage County Habitat for Humanity Thanks you (pdf)