Nigel Smith

Global Technical Services Manager

DCC Lansco


Frustrated Pilot

Accidental Chemist

Accidental Salesman

Currently Global Technical Services Manager with a team of 14 people supporting the customers and technical sales team of DCC Lansco with product test data, competitive evaluations, sales aids and direct technical visits. My focus remains on the plastics industry continuing my industrial experience.

At the age of 16 I left school with the sole intention of joining the Royal Air Force, only to be told I couldn’t due to a childhood illness.

I joined Johnson Matthey in the analytical laboratories before progressing into inorganic pigment development, during which time I qualified as a chemist.

Still with Johnson Matthey, I moved into the masterbatch department helping to develop a specialized masterbatch for the PVC industry. After some successful customer trials I was asked to quote for a first order and before I knew it I was in Sales, which subsequently led onto management of that business unit. During this time, I obtained an MSc in Polymer Technology from Loughborough University.

In 2008 I joined Shepherd Color, selling inorganic pigments into all industries across 14 countries, as far north as the Arctic circle and as far south as Cape Town. Only when my young son didn’t recognize me after a long trip did I change back to the masterbatch industry in the UK for a short time before joining DCC Lansco in my current role at the start of 2018.