In Memory of John “Jack” R. Graff, Jr.

Jack Graff ( -1995)(??? – 1995)

Jack Graff provided a backbone to the Color and Appearance Division.  It is very apparent that he served the Society of Plastics Engineers through this Division as Education Chairman, RETEC Chariman and as Newsletter Editor . . .not to mention “moving through the Chairs.”  For 22 years, Jack demonstrated his extra-ordinary commitment to the industry through his work with SPE.  In particular, his dedication to this organization’s Color and Appearance DIvision brought him to the pinnacle of his profession and his international recognition.

Jack served on many technical committees of the SPE.  He wrote and published numerous technical papers and sat on and chaired many panel discussions.  At the same time, Jack was a well recognized chemist and techical manager in the field of organic dyes and pigments and their proper application in plastics.  Following four years service as an army officer, his thirty years work experience was at four major coporations, which in chronological order were:  the duPont de Nemours Company, Stauffer Chemical Company, Ciba-Geigy Corporation, and Bayer Corportaion.

His communication skills served him well, both in his career and as the Color and Appearance DIvision’s Newsletter Editor.  His wit and humor led to a secret vice that he never officially confessed to:  his writing of the satirical column “Biv Whacks” under the assumed name “Roy G. Biv”, which is a strange name only if you are not familiar with the color spectrum.

While this work was important to Jack, even closer to his heart was another subject:  education, and in particular, education in color matching.  Through his diligent efforts, in 1989 Terra Community Colloge added a course in this science to its curriculum.  As was tyipcal of our friend, he would teach a few courses there each year.

The Society of Plastics Engineers recognized Jack by giving him its Outstanding Service Award and electing him an Honored Service Member, which, typical of Jack’s modesty was something that embarrassed him.

We remember Jack as an educator and a teacher, who we teasingly, but with respect, referred to as “the professor.”  We will all miss Jack and his inevitable looks over the rim of his glasses.

Jack’s legacy lives on in the SPE CAD Scholarship program.