2016 Board of Directors Elections (2016-2019 Term)

Vote by May 2, 2016

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Election Results for 2016 to 2019 Term.

Scott Aumann

Chuck DePew – New

Jim Figaniak

Scott Heitzman

Nathan Karszes

Betty Puckerin

Mark Ryan – New

Ann Smeltzer

Brian West

The Board of Directors is the governing body of the Color and Appearance (CAD) Division of SPE. The Division Board of Directors is composed of 27 elected Directors, the Council Representative (Councilor), and the 5 Division officers, for a total of 33 positions on the board.

SPE CAD is a volunteer organization. Board members are chosen by election.

Members of the Board participate in the planning, organization and running of CAD activities including ANTEC programs, RETEC programs, Technical Programs, Scholarship Programs & Funding, as well as offering guidance and advice to other SPE members interested in coloring plastic resins.

The Councilor provides the Division members a voice in the government of SPE by representing the SPE CAD Division at SPE Council meetings (minimum 4 meetings per year). 2016 is NOT a Councilor election year.

Each CAD Board Candidate serves a three year term, beginning at the close of ANTEC following the election. CAD requires all of its Board Members to actively participate in Board activities including attendance at ANTEC and RETEC and the four planning meetings held annually. This year’s nominees are running for a term beginning in 2016 and ending in 2019.